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What I Stand For

I believe in creating a fairer Australia - a nation where power is not concentrated in the hands of an out of touch, corrupt elite beholden to powerful vested interests. I am fighting to protect our democratic values and standing up for human rights in the face of rising authoritarianism. I stand for stronger action on climate change and building a new economy.

Fighting Chinese government interference and protecting our democratic values and national security

Now more than ever, we must stand up for human rights and for the values that generations of Australians have fought to uphold.

It is not ok to put our economic future in the hands of a foreign government that does not share our values.

Australia's economic dependence on China has come at too steep a price. For our democracy, security and sovereignty. The Chinese government has systematically infiltrated Australian politics and society, from buying political influence to corrupting universities to taking over Chinese diaspora associations and media.

A generation of politicians has sold out our values and turned a blind eye to China's human rights abuses to preserve economic ties. This is not only morally wrong, but it is also dangerous economically to rely so much on one country and an unreliable, authoritarian government.

Australians deserve a future made in Australia, not in China.


  • Reduce Australia's over-dependence on trade with China through supporting Australian manufacturing and deepening economic relationships with other democracies
  • Support Australia strengthening ties with like-minded countries in countering the China threat
  • Fight the Chinese government's interference in Australian politics, universities and community 
  • Sanction Chinese government officials responsible for genocidal policies in Tibet and East Turkestan (AKA Xinjiang) 
  • Recognise Tibet and East Turkestan as countries under illegal occupation and support the Tibetans and Uyghurs' rights to self-determination
  • Support democracy and freedom in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and in China

Tackling climate change and building a clean economy

Never before has Australia and the world faced a challenge more far-reaching than the climate crisis, affecting everything from global power relations to the future shape of our economy to the safety and prosperity of our communities.

The good news is Australia has everything it needs to thrive as the world moves beyond fossil fuels. Australia has extraordinary natural advantages when it comes to tackling climate change and building the clean economy of the future. We are one of the sunniest and windiest countries on the planet, with the potential for renewable energy generation that far exceeds our own domestic needs. Australia is exceptionally well placed to meet the growing global demand for clean energy, green steel, renewable hydrogen and other low-carbon goods and services.


  • Set a target to cut Australia's emissions by at least half by 2030 and phase-out coal and gas
  • Support policies that unlock Australia's vast untapped potential in renewable energy 
  • Support policies that enable the uptake of electric vehicles and improve household energy efficiency
  • Support the development of new clean industries, with a particular focus on ensuring jobs for communities that have depended on the fossil fuel industry
  • Support building high-speed rail between our major cities
  • Build our resilience to climate-fuelled disasters, including floods, bushfires and droughts, with a particular focus on lower-income households
  • Amplify the voices of First Nations, Pacific peoples, farmers, rural and remote Australia, and other communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis


Economic renewal

The solutions to the climate crisis and the rise of authoritarianism, including Chinese government interference in Australian politics, go hand in hand. We can tackle these great challenges and ensure a secure and prosperous future for all Australians by tapping abundant new economic opportunities.. 


  • Build a thriving clean export industry, including clean energy, green steel, renewable hydrogen and and other low-carbon goods and services, with a particular focus on creating jobs in those communities most affected by the global decline in fossil fuel use
  • Bring Australian manufacturing back and support the diversification of our export markets 
  • Support small businesses with their ongoing recovery from the COVID pandemic 
  • End the fossil fuel subsidies, which were worth over $10 billion over the last year 
  • Ensure a greater share of revenue is channelled to public education, childcare, healthcare, mental health support, disaster resilience, public transport and other essential services



We must stamp out the corruption destroying Australian democracy and restore faith in government. Integrity and accountability are at the heart of a well-functioning democracy. 


  • Support the immediate establishment of a robust federal anti-corruption commission 
  • Fight for reforms in political donation reporting, to reduce the unchecked power of corporations and wealthy donors 
  • Increase the transparency and accountability of tax-payer funded programs
  • Level the playing field in election debates by limiting how much politicians can spend on campaigning


First Nations justice

We must be honest about our past and acknowledge the legacies of colonisation that continue to impact the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. First Nations people have continued to invite all Australians to walk with them together in a movement for a better future through the Uluru Statement of the Heart.


  • Support First Nations Voice enshrined in the Constitution
  • Support the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to have control over the decisions that affect their Country, their culture and their future


Housing affordability

Housing prices in Australia have continued to increase over the last three decades, while wages and income support have not increased at nearly the same rate. This has been identified as a key factor driving the housing affordability crisis and exacerbating existing inequality.

A generation of renters is locked out of homeownership due to surging housing prices, while also facing rising rents. Tax breaks favouring property developers and wealthy investors have worsened inequality in Australia.  

I am committed to understanding and addressing the structural causes of the housing crisis. I will support practical policies that ensure housing affordability and reduce inequality, including building more affordable and sustainable housing, and economic reforms that support lower-income Australians.


Better aged care

The true measure of any society is how well it supports its most vulnerable people. According to the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, Australia's aged care system is "a shocking tale of neglect". While the COVID pandemic has exposed the failures of the aged care sector, the crisis predates the pandemic,  with successive federal governments failing to protect the dignity and wellbeing of older Australians or support the workforce that cares for them.

I support a fundamental reform of the aged care system and the full implementation of the Royal Commission's recommendations.

I will fight for a system that promotes our elders' dignity and quality of life and ensures that aged care workers receive the support and remuneration necessary to deliver the best possible care.