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My Story



I am running for Bennelong in the upcoming federal election.

Like many in Bennelong, my story began in another part of the world. Born in a Tibetan refugee camp in India, I came to Australia 16 years ago with a suitcase, a photo of the Dalai Lama, a small statue of Buddha, and $1,000 to my name. I have since raised a family and built a career in human rights advocacy and community development.

Australia has given me a new life of hope, opportunity and freedom. And I am ready to give back. Australia is the best country in the world, but I do not take our freedom and democracy for granted.

We are dealing with extraordinary challenges as a nation. The ongoing Covid pandemic and the economic recovery, rising inequality, the climate crisis and how we deal with a China that does not share our values and interferes in our politics, universities and community.

Today’s decisions to confront the China threat and climate change will shape Australia for many generations to come. These times demand courage, compassion and the best of all of us. For more than a decade, I’ve been an outsider championing for change. Now it’s time to bring change from within.

Both major parties have failed to tackle the big challenges of our times. I will hold the government to account, whichever party comes to power.

I hope to get your vote on 21 May.